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Names for Egyptian characters

Alright, I'm at my wits end here.

I've got a story idea that might go nowhere, but I'm working on it anyway. It takes place primarily in modern day New York City (I might move it to Washington DC, which I am more familiar with, but I believe NYC has a larger collection of Egyptian artifacts..?) but there's flashbacks to the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt.

Several of the characters are, in fact, mummies. I need to come up with both ancient Egyptian and modern-day Arabic names for them. I like my names to be symbolism-heavy, but I don't know if that's culturally accurate for ancient Egyptians or not (I know they believed that names have power, but I don't know if they gave symbolic names). Even if it isn't, I know that they've both changed their names over the centuries - they have original names, but they also have names they use. In truth, their original names can mean anything, but I need them to have symbolic use-names.

One character was an architect, the other a scribe; both were in direct line to the throne though separated by a number of degrees (cousins to the royal line). They are brothers; the architect is older, the scribe is younger.

The architect has a name he uses in the modern day that should mean, essentially "No-name" or "Nameless." If there is an Arabic equivalent of this that wouldn't sound too terribly obvious to a native speaker (ie, not like having an American who is literally named "no-name", but instead something analogous to the name "Nemo."), I'd like to know it as well. "Wanderer" or "Lost-one" also work equally well.

Both of the scribe's names should mean 'snake'. They should be slightly sinister, but not overtly so; ie, his Egyptian name shouldn't be something like Apep (which would make any person even remotely interested in Egyptian mythology go "Wait what?") and his Arabic name shouldn't be an overt reference to, say, the serpent in the garden of Eden; but neither should he be named for a protector goddess or something.

... hopefully that all made sense.

Things that I've searched for via Google and Wikipedia: English-to-ancient Egyptian dictionaries via Google, ancient Egyptian language, ancient Egyptian names, Arabic names, Arabic to English dictionary, word for 'snake' in ancient Egyptian, 'snake' in Ancient Egyptian, and various combination thereof.

... did this even make sense? Man I think I TL;DR'd again.
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