kosaginolegion (kosaginolegion) wrote in little_details,

Chinese language assistance requested

I got my mother to help me on this, but her Chinese is about as old as I am, as she's lived in the States for over half her life now. Modern Chinese gives her troubles and she wasn't at all sure she was steering me on the right path with this. (Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control and mine, I didn't learn Chinese when I was little, hence my inability to do this for myself.)

I'm trying to work up a motto for a character, with the basic meaning "Art and sky have no borders". She got me to this point, with the help of the Chinese English Dictionary, but felt I should check with more current speakers/readers to make sure I have it correct.

yì shù hé tiān méi yŏ jìng jiè

Hopefully the Chinese script is coming thru.
Tags: ~languages: chinese

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