Ansela Jonla (ansela_jonla) wrote in little_details,
Ansela Jonla

Donating blood in Japan

1) How common is it for Japanese people to give blood? What percentage of the population, for example?

2) What is the minimum age for giving blood in Japan?

3) I've discovered that different countries have different rules about time periods about donations. What is the minimum amount of time allowed between whole blood donations in Japan?

4) What incentives are Japanese people given to donate blood?

5) What sort of places would blood donations be taken in. For instance, here in the UK you get collections taking place at churches, nightclubs (during the day, of course), football stadiums and hotel conference rooms, among other places.

6) Is there any kind of donor card that has to be shown or personal donor number that has to be quoted in order for a repeat donor's record to be accessed?

Research: Wikipedia article on blood donation, google 'blood donation japan'. Found several sites in painful Engrish and the English language Japanese Red Cross site, none of which were helpful.
Tags: japan (misc), ~medicine: transplants/transfusions

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