Millions of strange shadows does she attend on (non_canon) wrote in little_details,
Millions of strange shadows does she attend on

Kinfe Throwing and Sacred Stuff at Cambridge

Okay, two questions.

First, one of my characters is going to teach the other how to knife throw. As in, take a knife, throw it at the target, and have it stick. The thing is, having never done this before, I have no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

Second, what's something that would be found somewhere around Cambridge (the town, preferably, but the university will do in a pinch. I'm just playing with this right now)that could be damaged by a knife? Something that someone might not notice. The idea is to have the characters in the last question do some small bit of damage by throwing the knives, and think they're going to get caught, but don't. If it helps any, neither of these characters is actually FROM England (one is from the Southern US, the other had parents who were traveling missionaries), they've just been there for a while as part of their job training.

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