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approximate traveling time

Mmm... Quick question.

If one were traveling in a caravan of some sort, approximately how long would it take to cover a distance of... Let's say, around 600-700 hundred miles? (Just as an approximate--I haven't actually attempted to figure out what the real distance is..)

And if it helps at all, this is a wedding caravan carrying the bridal party; that is, family members and servants, things needed for the wedding (including a somewhat hefty dowry), animals, etc. And they're traveling on a caravan/trading route that goes from the sea side to a somewhat more inland location, over some grasslands and small forests (forests in the sense that there are trees, but they're all fairly young and not particularly close together--not that many of 'em, either.)

Also, is it at all entirely probable for a wedding caravan such as this to be traveling in a time period that could be considered equivalent to southern/eastern Europe in the 1400s or 1500s? (As far as Asiatic countries are concerned, I do know that this was true, but...)

So yes. Thank you.
Tags: ~travel: pre-modern overland, ~weddings

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