Kit (coloredink) wrote in little_details,

queen victoria at paddington station, 1887

I come bearing more questions pertaining to the late Victorian era! I apologize for apparently being incapable of doing my own research.

Now, from what I can tell, Queen Victoria traveled by rail quite a bit, and used Paddington Station. Can anyone tell me precisely what happened when she arrived/departed Paddington? Did they shut down the entire station and have a little royal procession? (I found a vague reference to a red carpet somewhere.) Would bystanders have been allowed to watch? Presumably there would have been security--provided by whom? The Queen's Guard seem to be sentries for the residences, and not for the queen herself--so would it be the police, then? Or other members of the armed forces?

I've been able to find a lot of information about the Royal Train itself, and about Paddington Station itself, but nothing on what happens when you combine the two! If anyone can even point me in the right direction I'd be extremely grateful.
Tags: 1880-1889, uk: history: victorian era, ~travel: ground & rail

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