Nina (technicolornina) wrote in little_details,

Vietnamese character translation, English --> Vietnamese

This may be a bit odd . . . I'm actually doing a school project at college that involves a musical, and I need to know how to write "hope" in Vietnamese (the musical in question is Miss Saigon). Online translators galore have given me either "mong" or or "hy vọng," but I cannot find a translator that will give me the actual Vietnamese characters.

Anyone who can give me the characters in a script that is easy to draw (since I rather obviously do not know the Vietnamese alphabet or I could just do it myself), preferably a little bit enlarged (I have bad eyesight), will be my absolute hero.


(P.S. to eelpot: I haven't forgotten your offer to translate into Norwegian for me, and I really appreciate it--the scene in question just ended up getting bumped back by a chapter and I should have it done in the next couple of days.)
Tags: ~languages: vietnamese

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