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Recovery process from a gunshot to the hip

Hi all. I need some help with a gun shot wound recovery process. I have a tentative time-line, but I would appreciate if someone who actually knows something of trauma injuries to confirm me it is plausible. This is the central point of my story, therefore I need to plan everything, time-wise, around it.

When: Present day.
Where: Las Vegas.
What: Is my time-line of a gunshot recovery plausible?
Previous research: Google, this comm, ScienceDirect

I got a 26-year-old male who gets shot on the upper hip (ilium bone, here you got an anatomy-correct image (read nsfw) of where). The bullet hit a metal plate first, so that took away some of the inertia, which is the reason the bone does not crack (might get hairline-fractured, but I don't require him to be too badly hurt.)

The character is male, 26, of Japanese origin. He is in good physical form due to regular exercise (gym addict), but is a heavy passive-smoker due to his job (he is a card dealer in a contemporary-day Las Vegas-like city casino).

Right now, my first tentative time-line goes like:

Shot to the hip
Shooting goes on for ~3 minutes before pressure is applied. Ambulance call
Ambulance coming: in ~4.5 min
EMT and Ambulance ride: ~7 minutes
Surgery: about an hour
Anesthesia → first wake-up: ~50 min
Anesthesia → actual consciousness: overnight (~8 hours)
Hospital discharge: after one week, needing wheelchair
Using wheelchair for 2 weeks after the shooting.
On painkillers for 3 weeks after the shooting
Using crutches for about 3 weeks more (5 after the shooting)
Full Recovery: 8 weeks after the shooting

I've put together the time-line using info from google (gunshot recovery time, gunshot to the hip, hip surgery and assorted related searches), and mostly used this bunch of documents. As mentioned, I just need to plan and set all the on-goings around the event, and this is the best I can do. So, is it reasonable, or am I yanking the laws of physics' chain?

Thank you~

ETA: So no, it does not work. Good to know when it's not too late yet xD Thanks, everyone!

Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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