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Older Cars and ground clearance

Time period: Present day
Location: East coast, USA
Genre; urban fantasy

What I've already searched: Google, using various cars with the term "ground clearance", looked at Edmunds and other car sites, etc.

I have a scene where my main character (a 20 year old, female college student) hits the ground and rolls (or crawls) under her car to protect herself from a magical attack. My problem is that many newer sedans don't have enough ground clearance (loosely speaking, the amount of space between the base of an automobile tire and the underside of the chassis) for even a skinny young girl to fit underneath.

I originally wrote this scene with the character having an old Honda Civic, but it looks like that won't work. I've been trying to find a car that works. What I've noticed is that SUVs and trucks seem to have the most ground clearance, while sedans have almost none. Her background is that her family is very rich, but she's rebelling against that. She drives an old car that she bought herself, from working a summer job. She isn't someone who would naturally drive a truck (too urban) and I can't see her driving an SUV. So ideally I'd like to find a sedan or wagon of some sort with high ground clearance, something from the 90's or later.

I can find ground clearance numbers for various cars on the web, but I don't have a way to relate that to how easy it is to actually get under the car (not being experienced at that myself). For example, a Volvo v70 has a ground clearance of 8.2 inches, which is represented as pretty good. Could a skinny 20 year old girl crawl under that car? If anyone has experience with fixing cars and can give me an idea of the practicality of that, it would be really helpful. Also helpful would be suggestions of sedans, wagons, or other non-SUVs/trucks with high ground clearances, or places to research the same. Thanks!
Tags: ~cars

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