josiefier (josiefier) wrote in little_details,

"Ladies Man"-type cologne(s)

I'm trying to get an idea of which type of (brand) cologne to describe for this present-day male character. Time period: Circa 2000-present. He's a late 20's/early 30's ladies man who's not wealthy but enjoys furthering the illusion that he has more than people would expect and he does enjoy the finer things even if he occasionally has dubious ways of paying for them.

One thing though is that Curve is one that keeps popping up in the searches I've done. While Curve is often described as being strong and obnoxious to most after a while - much like this character - I'm hoping to find something just a little less popular and preferably a litle more expensive that is considered to have a similar description.
Tags: usa (misc), ~hygiene & grooming

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