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Missing Person in modern day UK

Aaaaaa I am really ironing out details in my story right now and I have a feeling I'm going to be making a ton of posts here, so I apologize in advance ;_;

OK SO the story involves time travel, and the main character gets in a mishap with said travel and ends up accidentally being blipped forward five years. No one in her area or family knows what happened, so to them she just vanished into thin air. They assume, because of her wrecked apartment, that she was kidnapped or worse. 

She lives in a small town in the UK, but I haven't decided which one yet. Also, she starts in 2000, but makes a jump to 2005.

First Question: Having no other leads, her family pins all the blame on her best friend/roomate, and do a good job of getting a lot of other people to also suspect him as well. I can imagine a dozen ways they'd ruin the guy's reputation(especially since he refuses to leave town and his angry, snarky attitude doesn't exactly help his image) but is there anything they could do to him legally, considering other than maybe being the only other person seen at the apartment theres no evidence against him? Her parents have a lot of money and know a few important people. He has little money or support, himself.

Second Question: What'll happen when she suddenly pops up again five years later? With apparently no memory of where she was or what happened? ("What the hell are you talking about? I was at the store for like, one minute.") Could she be forced to go anywhere like an institution against her will? What sort of legal processes would she be forced to go through?

<b>EDIT: Woops, sorry about that, title and time period added!</b>
Tags: uk (misc), ~missing persons

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