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Cultural Icon of Elite Neighborhood in London

In New York City, if you want to briefly describe the stereotype of an area populated mostly with rich, powerful, high status people, you say "Upper East Side". Whether or not the Upper East Side is actually entirely composed of elite people is irrelevant; it fills the role as the cultural ideal as the home of elite people.

Is there a neighborhood in London or a city in the U.K. that has that same image associated with it? And if so, what is it?

I've tried googling a couple of combinations of 'London, elite, rich, neighborhood', but I'd really like to get people's personal perceptions.


ETA: This is modern-day. And the specific thing I want this for is to fill the blank in the sentence, "there's no elite neighborhood here, no [unknown London neighborhood]" so it doesn't matter if it's really where rich people live, it's just about the neighborhood's image. Originally I had that blank filled with Upper East Side, but I need to switch it from a NYC reference to a London/UK reference.
Tags: uk: london, ~real estate

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