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WW2 Allied armed forces attire, weekends abroad

I've tried to google this, but it's awkward to phrase properly and most information is about the actual experience, as opposed to every day regulations that became so common place to the men they hardly seem worth mentioning now in a context as traumatic as the war itself.

Basically, I'm writing a scene for a story set during WW2, May 1944, in the area of Aldbourne (dealing with the Airborne specifically). My question is, during weekends (assuming they've earned pass priveleges for the weekend), would the soldiers be required to wear something specific in public? Such as military uniform, or even more specifically, their Class A's? Also, would they be wearing their dogtags at this point? (I'm leaning towards yes, just because of the possibility of being blitzed while in England, but I can't find any concrete sources confirming the fact). Any and all details about weekend regulations and typical behavior would be most appreciated! Thanks everyone :)
Tags: 1940-1949, uk: history: world war ii, usa: military: historical, ~world war ii

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