Rook the Librarian (gisho) wrote in little_details,
Rook the Librarian

Genetic diseases that affect the legs

I need to know the name of a genetic disease or birth defect that would result it a child having to wear leg braces basically from the time they learned to walk. Also, what other symptoms would show up? It can't be anything that affects the brain - the kid has to be of high intellegence - but ideally it's something that is very visible, so even without the braces on anybody looking at her legs could tell she couldn't walk well. Thanks in advance.

ETA: It needs to be something that could affect a child born no earlier than 1995 or so. Thanks for the suggestions of various diseases, but it really needs to be something she's had her *whole life*, from the moment she was born - it's more a symbolic than plot point, but it does affect one other character's view of her that it's something she's had all along rather than something that changed her, even early one.

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