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Manor Life in the 1530s

Thank goodness for this community! I'm writing a story that is set on a manor in 1530s Europe*, and I have a few burning questions that my Google searches have been unable to resolve:

1) What was a typical day be like for a young female servant (around 9 or 10) working at a manor/castle for minor nobility? I'm well aware that children were expected to earn their keep as soon as they could, but were there certain chores that were more typically assigned to children?

2) Aside from a prudent marriage or going into the church, what were some other options for second sons of minor nobles? My character is roughly 19 or 20, and I'd like to give him some reasons to hang around the estate.

I've tried googling "servants in the 1530s' and 'children in the 16th century' and a couple of other terms. It's possible I'm overlooking something, so apologies if I'm being redundant.

* Specifically, my story takes place in Denmark right before the Reformation. I've had a hell of a time finding ANYTHING on Danish life during this time period, so for the moment, I'm making assumptions based on what I know about Tudor England and Germany at the time. If you know of any awesome (English language) websites that can tell me more about Danish life during this period, please feel free to share!
Tags: 1500-1599, europe: history, ~nobility (misc), ~renaissance

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