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Magical Injury That Does Not Heal And Gets Progressively Worse

Setting: Medievalesque fantasy. Lots of magic and the unfortunate character in this question is an accomplished wizard.

Googled: things like "prolonged bleeding effects" and "blood loss" Turned up some helpful information, but I need more.

What happens: Character receives a few scrapes while slaying a dragon. Unfortunately for him, there was a magical poison in the dragon. This causes the cuts to extend, branch out, and deepen. Within a couple weeks, this will get pretty severe and affect the quest he and his buddies go on to find the cure.

My questions:
1. Medically, how would somebody treat injuries like this? I've got a fairy salve that will reduce bleeding, but what else can they do? The wizard who has these injuries can't work any magic himself (due to the nature of the poison), and his buddies are magically hopeless.

2. Since the injuries keep getting worse/bigger, I'm guessing the wounds will have trouble staying closed. How messy and painful is this likely to be? What is this going to look like?

3. The wounds are located on his knuckle, his upper arm, and the middle of his side. As these enlarge and deepen, what are the likely complications? What important organs, tendons, muscles, etc. are likely to be affected?

4. What are the symptoms of prolonged, worsening blood loss? How long is he likely to be able to continue the quest? At some point his friends have to leave him behind, but I'm not sure where that point will be.

5. How might he hide his worsening condition from his friends? They know it's bad, but for a while he can hide just HOW bad. I have a few ideas, but I could definitely use more.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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