Piffy (pig_catapult) wrote in little_details,

Congenital mutism without deafness

Setting: Zetaboards-based Pokemon RP. Schizo tech out the wazoo.

Situation: Okay, so, my charrie, he can hear just fine, looks pretty normal -- well, aside from looking really owlish -- but. . . he can't talk. Never has been able to. His older brother can talk, but with difficulty, and prefers not to. I've got a vague idea that there's something wrong with their larynxes, and it's something congenital, but I haven't got a name for it. Neither one of their parents have it, though. Not sure about their grandparents.

Searched: Wikipedia only turned up stuff about the kinds caused by mental/emotional issues, vocal abuse, cancer, stuff like that. I googled "congenital causes of mutism", but it only brought up a gazillion hits for congenital deaf-mutism.

My question: Is there a real-life condition that works like this? If so, what's it called? If not. . . any ideas on what I should call this made-up condition?

(EDIT: Fixed a punctuation mishap.)

(EDIT 2: Thank you all for your help. I haven't really got a name for it, but now I've got a better idea of what other symptoms he'd have.)
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~mute/unable to talk

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