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Brain Injury or Delirium? Also Recovery From Such

Hello again.

Quick medical question, since I do not want to blunder into the land of fantasy injuries without consequence and also because this community has been incredibly helpful in regards to my earlier questions.

Here is the situation. Protagonist, 33-year-old male, is attacked by a fantasy beastie that puts him out of commission for around a day (say 18 hours of unconsciousness). He's drunk during the attack.

He regains consciousness and his reactions during the next few hours are as follows: he opens his eyes in response to voices, though he doesn't seem to be fully aware of his surroundings; he withdraws from painful stimuli. He's incapable of coherent speech or, really, incoherent speech, but he moans. Eventually, he falls asleep (is that dangerous/would it worsen his condition?) and when he wakes up, he's more coherent, but still suffering from post-traumatic amnesia, surrounding the hour or so of his attack.

(Now, I'm not entirely sold on him having a brain injury. For my purposes, he just needs to be in bed and unable to explain what happened for a couple of days and unable to remember the attack and a moderate recovery period. Since this is ~fantasy~, I need more or less of a template, rather than a specific case. Would high fever and delirium (with maybe a relapse of said after a period of lucidity) do, if brain injury isn't it?)

What would his recovery be like? How quick would it go, assuming he has no access to physical therapy? Considering the duration of his unconsciousness, it's very unlikely he'll make a full recovery quickly (say, within a month), but I cannot find much in the way of specifics.

The tech of the world is early-1900s.

Search terms used: traumatic brain injury, coma recover, post-concussion syndrome, Glasgow Coma Scale, delirium
Tags: ~medicine: coma, ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~medicine: injuries: head injuries

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