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Oh, Snap!

What literary traditions did not include much information on sex?

Here's the situation:

I have a spirit who eats books, and by eating them, absorbs their knowledge. He's caught and stuffed into a magic box and is kept there for hundreds of years, until he's found and rescued by a human who takes him home.

Said human soon catches the spirit eating his way through his bookshelf and blushing bright red because he's in the middle of The Joy of Sex, or an erotica novel, or something similar.

The question is, where is this spirit originally from?

I have a character who is incredibly well-read in certain areas, but has nonetheless not been exposed to many graphic depictions of sex. So I'm looking for a society whose literary tradition wouldn't tell him much more than the basic mechanics.

I think that means he's going to be from a society where books or other collections of written material exist, but aren't yet cheap enough for mass production--because then of course there's going to be porn. And also, books being expensive makes stuffing him into a box to stop him more imperative. (It's not such a big deal to feed a book-eating spirit when you can buy boxes of cheap romances or westerns for two bucks at a garage sale!)

I'm not really sure how to research this, since I'm looking for a negative.
Tags: history (misc), ~literature

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