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Delta Funeral Procedure

I'm heading towards the end of my fic and came across a bit of a bump. Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is turning out to be a big part in the fic.

So the basic setup is as follows:

Active duty Delta Sergeant KIA in Afghanistan. He has no living relatives, and his next-of-kin is my main character, who was a Master Sergeant honorably discharged due to injury. My main character and two other fellow soldiers were his closest friends.
The soldier is already stateside by the time my character receives notification.

My questions pertain to certain details about the actual funeral proceedings and what roles the three surviving soldiers would/wouldn't be allowed to play during the ceremony.

1. Would a soldier with no family and a fellow soldier as next-of-kin automatically be buried at Arlington?

2. Do Delta Class A's differ in any way besides insignias and the like from standard Army Class A's? For example, are Delta uniforms a different color?

3. Would my main character be allowed to participate in the rifle party (those firing the three volleys), flag folding or pall bearing? Or as next-of-kin, would he be there merely as family for the deceased?

Same questions apply for the two fellow soldiers who were also Delta Sergeants discharged due to injury.

Thanks yet again. :D
Tags: usa: military (misc), ~funerals

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