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So how would a medieval summoner dress?

Time and Place: mostly drawn on 14th/15th-century England, but fantastic elements give me some leeway.

Back again, though with a question for a different work.

So I want to design a medieval summoner. As in apparitor - an ecclesiastical bailiff/police officer of sorts.

I've been able to find out about his duties, and the requirements for the job, and how they were perceived - all useful, but not what I'm looking for now. What I really need to know is how he would be dressed.

Fantasy video games have made my job very, very hard, when trying Google image searches on "summoner" + "costume/outfit/uniform." "Apparitor" plus these things turns up a lot of sites in Spanish, for some reason. Web searches turn up a lot of sites that just happen to mention these things on the same page.

And Chaucer is useless here, unless the church really did issue garlands and bucklers made of cake to its summoners. Doubly useless as I want this character to be frightening, not comical.

Most of them seemed to have clerical backgrounds, so I was wondering if they dressed as such. Or maybe they dressed as constables (if constables have a distinctive mode of dress - I can't find that out either). Or maybe they were drawn from the religious orders like inquisitors, in which case he'd likely be dressed as a Dominican or Franciscan.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Tags: 1300-1399, 1400-1499, europe: history, ~clothing, ~middle ages

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