The Plotting Muses (wabbitseason) wrote in little_details,
The Plotting Muses

Pairs figure skating lifts & training

Where: New York
When: Modern day
Search terms: pairs lifts, practicing pairs skating

I'm writing a skating-related fanfiction story.

He skated singles & pairs. He stopped pairs when he was about sixteen. Then he switched pretty exclusively to singles. Now is about 10-12 years later and he and an old flame are considering teaming up as a ineligible/pro pairs team. They're both Olympic level skaters; she won Olympic medals with other partners. Both are in their late 20s or so.

Will he have trouble remembering the pairs moves? Ten years seems like a long layoff to me. Or is it like muscle memory?

What is a pairs tryout like? Do they just skate around or do they actually attempt any lifts/pair moves? I'm just trying to figure what they'd try to see if they were a compatible team.

Most of the stuff I'm finding is showing the technical requirements and what the various lifts look like, but not much on training.
Tags: ~sports (misc)

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