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Finding the "right" place to stab someone

Time & Setting: Equiv. of 17th Cent. Germany (7th Sea universe)

Working on a murder mystery of sorts and I'm a bit stumped forensics/anatomy-wise for a soon to be murder victim. I'm looking for the "right" place to stab that will fit my criteria. The murder weapon in question is a small sword. The kill is happening in a bedroom. The victim is a man of average height and weight.

1. Has to be a near-instant kill, within the span of two or three minutes max. My victim can have time to cry out in surprise, but not able to say who killed him or really move out of the way afterwards. Ambush/backstab is perfectly fine.

2. A wound that will bleed out is preferred, but no spatter. I don't want the perp covered in the victim's blood. The perp has a way of getting in and out of the room unseen, but I'm looking to reduce any massive and obvious spatter trail (while trying to get the sword stained with blood) for the getaway. Why I would prefer a bleed-out on the victim is that the first character to come upon the victim is a physician and he's doing what he can to tend to the dead man (getting his hands bloody in the process) when the rest of the characters come upon the scene. is a fascinating site and helps in some parts, but I'm still missing something in my search.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds

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