Ben / KC_Risen Phoenix! (kc_risenphoenix) wrote in little_details,
Ben / KC_Risen Phoenix!

I Need Help with Some Techno-Babble

I know I need to attempt to research my question but I am at a loss. I don't know where to begin without taking a computer course when all I need is two or three lines of dialog...

I know that when I move my fingers across these keys, words appear on the screen in front of me. I don't know gigabits from megabites from terrabites or even if I have spelled any of that correctly. I don't even really know the difference between software and hardware.

I've asked at several computer communities, and they suggest I come here...


I am writing a space opera story...

What I need is some technobabble about computers... Read more...Collapse )
Tags: ~technology: computers & internet

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