lindenfoxcub (lindenfoxcub) wrote in little_details,

Electricity and water

Setting: steampunk; characters are attacking a facility and trying to get past the security systems without dying.

The one room's security system is that it floods with water and then the water is electrified. I'm not positive that would automatically kill someone though, unless the grabbed onto something else, but I don't have the electricity knowledge to be certain. I want to have someone caught by the electricity (they disable it, but they can only disable the electricity for 30 seconds to get across the room) to up the tension of the scene, but I'm afraid I'm going to miss something that someone who knew electricity would look at and say, "that wouldn't happen." I've googled Electrical safety and stuff like that, but it's kind of a difficult thing to google when you're trying to figure out what you don't know you're missing. Would someone caught in the water be killed outright (assuming the voltage is high enough) or would they only be killed if the tried to step out of the water?
Tags: ~science: physics, ~technology (misc), ~water

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