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Intimate concealment of an object

My heroine, possibly to her discomfort, is trying to secrete a smallish item inside her vagina. I've searched various combinations of drug mules, concealing contraband and cavity search/intimate body search, but all the links I found were more from the perspective of a law enforcement officer trying to detect such concealment than describing the experience of the smuggler herself.

The item in question is roughly spherical, about an inch in diameter, solid and smooth surfaced. The woman in question is around 18 or 19, not a virgin and has never given birth.


1. How noticeable would the object be for her? Would it be a constant obvious presence, or something she could get used to, or might she even forget it's there over time?

2. Would it stay in place, or tend to fall out? Would physical activity (walking, running, jumping up and down on the spot *g*) affect this?

3. Assuming it's not coming out of its own accord, would she be able to use muscle contractions to push it out? Would that be something anyone could do, or would it require unusual muscle control or years' worth of pelvic floor exercises?

$. Anything else I ought to consider in this scenario?

I'm afraid I have no idea at all how to tag this question. :-) Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for the replies! It looks like:

1. Not very noticeable at all as long as it's far enough inside, but possibly painful if it isn't - and I need to consider the item's temperature on first insertion.
2. It'll stay in place as long as it's not too heavy.
3. Less agreement on this, but there seems to be a consensus that she might be able to push it out with kegels (or have an orgasm!) but is likely to need the assistance of fingers or similar

Tags: ~medicine: human physiology

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