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Nearly fatal car accident injuries

Time/Place: Present day Vancouver, BC

My character is healthy and athletic, late twenties, about 5'6" and 135 pounds. She's riding shotgun in a small car without airbags. There is a wreck, with the right side of the car smashing into a wall. My character is critically injured.

Now, I want her to live, but I want to get her about as injured as possible while managing to survive without any long-term brain damage or defects. (Things that take weeks or months to recover from are to be expected; in say, a year or so, though, she'd ideally be functioning for the most part normally.)

I've Googled enough to get a basic idea of medical terms and things I want to befall her. I'm thinking definitely some cracked ribs and a mild concussion, but top that all off with some massive internal injury. As I was saying, I want her to be very injured, almost to the point of death, but to recover.

1.) Immediately after the impact of the car hitting the wall, would my character still be conscious? She'd almost definitely be fuzzy, and she'd be internally bleeding, but if another person talked to her to ask her if she was okay, would she be awake and therefore able to respond, and how coherently?

2.) Internal bleeding is a huge cause of shock, I know, but if it actually stopped her heart, would that be something that can be recovered from? And how would emergency treatment for basically flatlining coincide with treatment to repair the internal injuries that led to the bleeding?

3.) After all the surgery, etc. that would be needed to save my character's life, in what time frame could I reasonably expect her to be awake/communicating, at least a bit? And in what time frame would she be able to leave the hospital?

Whenever I try googling for car crash injuries, I inevitably get insurance websites. I've googled "hospital stay after internal bleeding" and other like queries, but I wind up with other procedures of which internal bleeding can be a side effect.

Thank you so much!
Tags: ~car accidents, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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