Liz Starling (epstarling) wrote in little_details,
Liz Starling

Sending letters/money to prisoners after release

This is a pretty specific scenario, and I can't find any answers on the internet.

My story is modern day and takes place in Colorado.

A character of mine is in prison and refuses to see her family. They continue to send her letters and occasionally add some money to her prison account. What would happen to a letter sent to a prisoner (at the prison address) after she's been released and is on parole? Would it be forwarded to her new address or would it be returned to the sender?

Similarly, what information would a family member be given if she tried to put money into someone's prison account after release?

On the same note, would it be hard to find a prisoner after release, even if she doesn't list herself in the phone book?

And could an estranged family member (as mentioned above) send letters to the parole board in support of the prisoner's early parole?


Search terms deal with sending money and letters to prisoner after release, but all hits so far deal with how to send something to a current prisoner.

Tags: usa: colorado, usa: government: prison

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