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Voicemail recordings after someone's death?

So I've got this character who dies (hangs around as a ghost, but nobody knows that). Her boyfriend is absolutely devastated and winds up going a little crazy and getting horribly depressed due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship. He finds her phone and keeps it for years and years; about twenty. What I need to know is if it's possible that, and if so how, he could keep her voicemail recording associated with that number. He calls it and listens to her voice, and while it's not a major plot point, it's a demonstration of how incredibly in love with her he was and how he just can't let go.

I've googled various combinations of "voicemail after service canceled," "how long voicemail stays on phone," "accessing old voicemails," and the like, but what I seem to be getting is a lot of talk of A) using a handheld recorder to save it, and B) retrieving old messages that other people have left. From what I gather, recordings aren't actually saved on the phone, but on company servers?

What I need is for her number to stay active and him to be able to call it and get her voicemail, specifically. I'm thinking that he keeps renewing her service contract or pays off the phone company to keep the voicemail active/the same (since I've had to rerecord messages due to companies implementing new systems and the like). Money is really no object to him, and he's fairly irrational by this point, so he would do pretty much anything to keep it there, to the point of ridiculousness.

Is any of this feasible? Which would be the most likely option? I can do magical handwaving (we're looking at urban fantasy here -- "real world" but with magic) if need be, but I'd prefer something realistic. This is for my RP partner and I, so nobody's going to see it, but we're pretty detail-obsessed and want to be able to look back on it and not cringe at the inaccuracy (and possibly work it into the novel involving these characters that's being slowly written, which people will see). Timeframe is modern times to approximately twenty years in the future, but we're not making any huge changes to lifestyles, for the purpose of its not coming across in silly in a few years, just some updated technology.

Any help would be appreciated!
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