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What is the quickest way from London Tower to Buckingham Palace? And would this be the most convenient way of trying to cross the city from London Tower to western London (pretty much a straight shot to the other side of the city) or would one need an excuse to go that way?

Also, whereabouts would a 15-year-old female runaway in WWII-era England (around 1940) live if she were to go to the East End? What sort of things could she do for a living? (Keeping in mind she's a school drop-out and most likely homeless, or living with other long-time residents.)

And last but not least, what is the youngest age for one to become a school teacher in England circa 1946?

EDIT: The first paragraph has nothing to do with the 1940s. It is late 90s-today. Also, I mean driving routes. The person is being taken home from prison in a government-hired car and is/was quite wealthy and was once in service to the Queen, so she wouldn't be seen in the underground. I should also add that the goal is to witness the Changing of the Guard, so I may need a detour just to face the right side of Buckingham Palace.
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