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How soon after a stomach wound can a person vomit blood?


((Be warned; this thread will most likely cover the topic of blood, vomiting, and stab/gunshot wounds. If you're highly squicked by any of these, please avert your eyes while you still can!))

Budding writer here; there's something I'd like to ask about here in regards to a certain type of injury.


I've always wanted to include a stomach wound paired with hematemesis (vomiting of blood) in my writing, because it seems to me to be a frightening concept; I've heard that they can be extremely painful and, having ingested Ibuprofen as a child, have experienced hematemesis myself. Scary stuff, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks so, hence why I would like to include it at some point in one of my stories.

The setting isn't set in stone, but it'd probably be in a slightly non-modern situation. In other words, the victim will probably not receive adequate medical attention immediately, either lying around in pain by herself for a while, or having to be stuck in a car ride for a few minutes as they try to get her to a hospital or whatnot. Basically, we have about a 5 to 10 minute leeway. The character's fate has not yet been determined, so the prospect of her dying is not impossible for the course of my story.

Now, let me define a few things; the trauma in question is small and penetrative, like a gunshot wound from a handgun or a stab from a shiv. In other words, smaller than "AAAAH I'VE JUST BEEN SPEARED BY A TREE LIMB!!" If possible, I would like for as few organs as possible, save for the stomach itself, to be damaged.

I've done some thorough research on Google in regards to abdominal trauma; in regards to gastric perforation, I have found that usually the victim can only survive for about 15 minutes before succumbing to fatal toxemia (from the hydrochloric acid of the peptic juices mixing in with the bloodstream. Icky stuff.) if medical treatment is not received. UGI trauma may occasionally result in hematemesis, though in large bleeds, the patient might die even before hematemesis can occur.

So I figure I pretty much have most of the information that I need to make this realistic, save for one. How soon after an injury can hematemesis occur for gastric (stomach-related) trauma? For gunshot wounds? For stab wounds? I've searched about this with phrases such as 'hematemesis ugi trauma' , 'blood vomiting ugi trauma' , 'gastric trauma hematemesis how soon', and various combinations.

I know that depending on the context of the story, I can probably forgo medical accuracy in lieu of dramatic/creative license. But if I were to utilize a stomach wound in a series in which medical accuracy is canon, then I would like to know this for future reference.

All of my yammering aside, I'll repeat the question I have: How soon does a person vomit blood, if any, after being shot/stabbed in the stomach?


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