pekover (pekover) wrote in little_details,

No liquids after injury - why?

Terms searched: first aid, first aid + liquids, injury + liquids (too much about liquid bandages!); first aid + drinking, injury + drinking (too much about drunk driving), etc.

I know there's a rule that you're not supposed to give liquids to someone who's been seriously injured. I can't find out why this rule exists. I mean, if the person's unconscious, fair enough, they could choke/drown; but if they're conscious, what is it that could happen if they drink something? If my character is found about three days after his injury (a concussion + blood loss from a stab wound), would it be safe to give him something to drink then? I mean, at some point, people are going to need to drink something, right?

(This is a wilderness survival situation, so waiting to get the patient to a doctor won't really work.)

Thanks for any help.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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