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But what if I'm a mermaid?

An American painter (to order)

Setting: New York City, modern day.

Research done: googled variants on american modern art landscape painting [plus Rockies, Yosemite, etc]. Looked at Wikipedia, this site, this site, and some other art sites, but didn't find what I was after.

I'm writing a White Collar / Leverage crossover fic, and I've hit a stumbling block: my almost total ignorance of modern American art!

I need the name of an American artist who fulfils all these criteria:

a) was painting sometime between the 1940s and 1970s

b) painted landscapes (in a fairly realistic style) of iconic and dramatic American natural scenery, like the Rockies or Yosemite; it'd really help if the artist painted multiple views of the same scene or area at different times of day / in different kinds of light!

c) is highly regarded in the art world (so his/her paintings would be quite valuable today), but whose style is not instantly recognisable even to your average well-educated American.

If no actual painter fits the bill, I'll just have to make someone up. But it'd be great to have a link in the fic to a real painting, so readers can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance, everyone!

EDIT: I appreciate your suggestions so far. But it really does have to be a painting, not a photograph, as a character needs to be able to paint a similar work. But I could adjust the timeframe: if I make it an artist active from the 1930s onwards, does that bring anyone else to mind? It could also perhaps be someone who painted rural landscapes like the Prairies (a big sense of space and a broad sweep of sky would be great).
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