Shannon (dreamsofswords) wrote in little_details,

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Arson & Fire.

Is it possible for someone to set a fire so that the outer walls of a wooden house catch fire first?

If not, how would they go about setting a fire that will be the hardest to 'escape'?

I've got two people sitting in a table in the dining room, which is an inside room (not adjacent to an outside wall). What would they notice first? A burning smell? What would that smell like? What would be the definitive sign that the house was on fire? Would they see fire, or see smoke? Or would the smell just get overpowering enough for them to guess?

Basically, I'm arranging it so that my main character gets rescued by a supernatural force, while the other character dies. I had planned for him to notice the house was on fire, only to realize that the blaze was inescapable.

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