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the girl with the broken smile.

Looking for a diagnosis for a character.

The setting is 2011, so more or less present day USA, though this character originates from Germany. (Anyone who knows the ace attorney franchise might be a help- this is about Kristoph Gavin.)

Hello! I'd really appreciate some help, because I'm not much of a google guru, despite however much I've attempted to become one. I've googled psychosis, paranoid hallucinations and paranoid symptoms, and came up with an abundance of things including paranoid schizophrenia, which might be a decent diagnosis but I believe there's more to it than that. I've looked into tags, too, and this thread was extremely helpful, but I still wanted a second (or more) opinion on the matter. Thanks!

Okay, down to the good stuff. My character is extremely paranoid- to the point that he would watch everyone around him, including acquaintances that might mean nothing in a desperate attempt to keep control at his fingertips. He will literally do absolutely anything to control a situation or someone, even if it means murder. He has an obsession with his image, and if anyone even attempts to slate it, they will go on his list (and yes, he keeps a list of every one person who may or may not have given him a backhanded compliment, insulted him, or even complimented him in a way that seemed like they didn't mean it- among a long string of other things). The list is an internal thing, because as a lawyer, he can't have any evidence showing anything at all.

He bides his time; if something happens that he hates (I.E: someone won a game that he had no control over and gained something he had set his sights on, he would hate them from that moment on). It took him less than a few weeks to pull his revenge on this certain someone, but that wasn't enough in his eyes. He befriended the person he hated, just to make sure his life would continue to be a living hell whilst pretending to be his best friend. It took him seven long years before he was finally figured out, so he is extremely meticulous and cautious about everything he does- and he's very intelligent.

He can and does manipulate people on a daily basis (including his own brother!), and he has absolutely no inclination that anything at all is wrong with him. He's all about doing things perfectly- which includes living his own life; if anyone mentioned that he might have a few screws loose, he would mentally write their name down on his list whilst laughing the comment off. Though, that's unlikely to happen because of how wound up he is about keeping a perfect image and a perfect reputation- he's the coolest defense attorney in the west, and he's earned that name because he never, ever looses his cool.

Unless someone figures out his true identity, anyway. He quickly diminishes into a reckless shell of a man when pressed, pushed and prodded, and he's more likely to let a few slip of the tongues happen so he will eventually be found out.

I'm willing to admit that I think he hears things and very occasionally sees things that spur his obsession with paranoia- but I really have no idea how to search for anything. I just want a diagnosis so I know the symptoms and I don't make any up that "seemed right at the time".

Th-thanks for reading this wall of text, guys. You deserve a medal.
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