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Belarusian vs Russian accents; AND first aid for violent homebrew reproductive surgery

Not-so-long time lurker has nonetheless gone through the relevant tags for these questions and hasn't found much.

Background: Well, this is all for a story which takes place in about 2020 or so.  For simplicity's sake, it's modern-day. I don't really think either of these questions have to do too much with the location, but the first one is, uh, in the US and the second one is in a personal home in Ukraine.

What have I searched? Well, for the first one I searched "Belorussian accent" and "Russian accent" and "Belorussian v.s Russian accent" and I looked at the wikipedia articles on Belorussian language and Belorussian grammar, but I...didn't know where to go from there.  And I didn't even know where to start with the second one. I asked my mum (nurse), but she basically told me what I already knew and said that I was going to get arrested if I posted it online.

ALRIGHT. So. Question One.
I have Character M, who is a native English speaker (Canadian, actually), so he doesn't really speak any Eastern European languages, but he has a long-distance lover who actually lives in Russia and has for all of his life, so he has an ear for the accent (speaking English).  He also has a best friend who is Ukrainian and has lived there for all of her life, so he has an ear for that accent as well.

The plot of the story calls for him to come in contact with a Belorussian.

What I want to know is if there are any differences in accent (I know there are subtle differences in language) that could possibly trip the ear of Character M, who as previously stated knows Russian and Ukrainian accents, and whether or not those would be inflection or something that I could replicate in the dialogue.  Is it close enough to Russian and/or Ukrainian that it would in fact be logical for him to deduce that "if it's not Russian, and it's not Ukrainian... 'Excuse me, sir, but by any chance are you Belorussian?'" (Even if it's not, given the nature of the conflict he might make that leap anyway, if he can tell that it's not Russian or Ukrainian.)

If not, it's no big deal. There are definitely other ways for him to have that revelation. I just wanted to make sure that this very smart bloke mightn't figure it out by accent.

EDIT: Thanks so much for all of the great accent input and resources! It sounds like it'd be unlikely he'd be able to guess Belorussian just from accent, so I think I'm going to use a mix of the two and have him notice that the accent is different, but also have the Belorussian drop some hints or something that will lead M to the guess. :)


In my story, I have a mother-to-be whose lover's younger sister...does not want to be an aunt. And is, in fact, a bit unhinged.  And very good with knives.

So she performs a homebrew c-section on my mother-to-be and pulls the baby out with every intent to kill it.
(It might be important to note here that the mother is practically immortal, but the baby is not.  Also, it is the mother's first child.)

This takes place in the house of Crazy's older sister, who is in fact very good friends with Mother-to-be.  Right in front of Crazy's older sister. Assuming that she has a very well-stocked medicine cabinet (and boy, she would), what could/should Crazy's older sister do specifically to, say, stop the bleeding and keep Mother-to-be from making it worse by trying to save her baby?  First aid or possibly more complicated measures (but still non-surgical), since it might not be unreasonable to give Crazy's older sister wartime military nursing experience (and therefore more experience with enormous gaping wounds than your average Jane).

Also, if someone has any idea how exactly a homebrew c-section would go if the surgeon really doesn't care one way or another about the fate of the mother and is willing to describe it, that would be brill.  This baby is, ah, enormous.  Full-term and possibly then some.  Easily 9 lbs, maybe 10.  What...would happen to, like, the shape of Mother-to-be's belly? What would the wound be like? What's the best way to deal with messy aspects like the placenta?  What would possible complications be for the baby if Crazy cuts the cord without tying it off? (if it includes death, I probably just won't have her do that.) How much blood would we be talking, here?

Thank you so much in advance!
(I tried to tag it, but if I missed any I apologize.)
Tags: ~languages: belorusian, ~languages: russian, ~medicine: reproduction

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