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Regarding Angelic Blood

So I have a character that I describe as being Nephilim, or descended of humans and angels. As far as the 'how they came to be' portion, I'm pretty solid on that, as there's a good amount of lore floating around regarding it. Not that anything additional wouldn't be appreciated, of course. Most of that information came from Wikipedia and the individual articles I followed out from there, from both faith based sites and scholarly historical ones.

The real stumbling block I'm having here is that there seems to be a word of mouth myth claiming that angel's blood can heal wounds/cure sicknesses/what have you. I have known other people to have partially angelic characters with this trait, and I would like to include it as it would have a heavy impact on the design of the character overall. However, I have been able to find NO documentation whatsoever of this myth, regardless of multiple searches via Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo! and Bing. I already have my ideas for how to implement my own interpretation of this myth, but I still want something solid to work it around, and I would like to know, has ANYONE ever found ANYTHING in text on this particular subject?

Any help is greatly appreciated and I thank you all in advance.

ETA: Thank you all for your comments, and I think I've found a direction to proceed in from here. I appreciate all the advice/encouragement!
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