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Cigarette smoke vs Pipe smoke

Setting (for what it matters): Victorian

Searched: Cigarette smell, pipe smell, cigarette smell vs pipe smell, tobacco, rolled cigarettes, etc. I now have a lot of info on how to get cigarette smell out of things, which is not useful to me because I don't smoke.

Okay, two questions.

1) I have a character who is a complete chain smoker and rolls his own cigarettes. I myself am a non-smoker and generally make polite little coughing noises at just the mention of the word "cigarette". However, whenever I encounter a pipe smoker I find that I absolutely love the smell. Why is it that pipe smoke smells woody and sweet while cigarette smokes smells absolutely foul? Is it because of the way the tobacco burns in a pipe vs. how it would burn in a cigarette, or is the tobacco itself different? If you rolled up a cigarette with pipe tobacco would it smell less terrible?

2) Would rolling your own cigarettes be cheaper in the Victorian Era? I have no idea how brand names and taxes would affect the prices then as compared to now.

I realize this may sound completely pointless and random. Thanks in advance!
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