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Sensation During Spinal Block

I've got a character with lower limb pain, which is getting so severe it's unbearable. He is hospitalized, and an epidural/spinal block/spinal catheter is administered. There are several different kinds, I know, but I can't find any information on any of them for what it feels like, other than "makes it stop hurting" and various scientific versions of said phrase. Found a lot about obstetrics and the proper application of a childbirth epidural, but not much about how it feels when the person receiving it is not trying to push a tiny human out of their vagina.

I just basically need to know what it's like having one in. What it feels like when the catheter goes in, what the catheter feels like immediately afterwards and then once the person is used to it, how much and what kind of sensation there is below the level of insertion, if any pain gets through at all, how much motion is possible below the point of insertion, does the person have to stay relatively still, if it's a spinal catheter how is the medicine delivered constantly (is there an IV? Does the person have to lay on their side/stomach?)...

Googled: various combination and commutations of Spinal block, epidural catheter, spinal catheter, spinal catheter sensation, what to expect with a spinal block, spinal catheter for severe pain....

Read: quite a few scientific journal articles talking about the efficacy and application of epidurals/spinal block/spinal catheter.

Youtubed: videos of epidural insertion, childbirth, spinal tap (medical procedure, not band, although I found quite a few of those too...).
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