Kate (acetamide) wrote in little_details,

delivery of pharmaceuticals via subcutaneous implants

Setting: 23rd Century, USA
Character: male, early twenties, physically fit, average height and weight.

I want to have my main character been given an implant as a teenager that releases a constant low level of excess MAO into his system over a period of about 10 years - I have a feeling that at the moment 5 years is the maximum for implants but I'm reckoning 200 years in the future we'll be able to manage 10 years.

I'm assuming that the method would be very similar to things such as subcutaneous hormone implants, but the problem is that I cannot find out how they work, so these are my questions:

1) What is the usual delivery method for standard subcutaneous implants?
2) Is there a specific area in the body that would be best for the implant?

I've Googled many variations on "subcutaneous implants", "hormone-releasing implants", and "drug delivery of implants" but I keep getting a whole load of LHRH journals that aren't of much assistance to me.

Thank you in advance!

ETA for clarity: I'm specifically needing to know the chemistry and metabolic characteristics behind the delivery method, rather than physical - I'm having a doctor find the implant and subsequently explain how it works to the guy that's been injected. :)
Tags: ~medicine: drugs, ~technology: implants

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