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Shooting to the upper leg & police/legal procedure

Setting: Amarillo Texas, present day. 

Summary/questions: Lainey is a police officer who was shot on duty.  She was shot three times in the upper leg.  So far I have that she was shot at least NEAR the femoral artery.  I'm trying to decide it it will be nicked, but I need to know, if it is, how severe the blood loss is.  It would be at most, a very minor nick. I did read that with a small cut to it, she'd have maybe 15 mins, but that the wound would likely tear with time.  Is te timeframe accurate?  Would direct pressure help prevent it from getting (too much) larger and would the bleeding be controllable until she reached surgery?  I know that being that she's a cop, on duty, the emergency response to the location would be posthaste.

What's the time frame and procedure for recovering, with and without the artery nick?

Next, Lainey killed the suspect after he shot her (firing back after the first shot).  Her partner did not shoot the suspect, but did not check his vital signs or offer treatment, opting to help Lainey.  What is the procedure for handling this, within the department?  She'll obviously already be on medical leave, but her partner wouldn't be.  Would he be allowed to return to work the next day?  And would the county prosecutor be involved in the investigation at all, or only if the internal investigation warranted it?

Search terms:
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The medical info, I'd like as accurate as possible.  The legal info, plausible is good enough.

Thanks so much!
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc), ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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