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Possible number of miscarriages

A little bit different, but I'm needing help with the math here, in terms of what would be realistic.

I have a couple, and they have two children. There is almost 17 years between these children (it's off by a little over 2 months, so round up, I guess.)

In between those two children, the wife has had:
2 stillborns, around ~6-7mo;
1 child who died shortly after birth;
and X miscarriages, around ~3-4mo.

* What is "X"? What is the absolute maximum number of miscarriages she could have had in that time - if I'm not fudging things, it's about 181mo, accounting for the ~23mo she was pregnant with children that came to/almost came to term.

I've read up on the workings of miscarriage in the past - it's the what ifs that are getting me. In reality, things don't work out like clockwork, so she might have had 3 miscarriages one year and only 1 the next, etc.

I've shoddily estimated 10-15 as a possible range, but alas, I have no idea if this is realistic/biologically sound.
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction

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