a little lost data packet (jiltanith) wrote in little_details,
a little lost data packet

Original location of visiting bullpen in Toronto SkyDome

Where were the visitors' and home bullpens located in the SkyDome in 1990? I know where they were in 1993 and later but I haven't found anything on the original locations of the bullpens or if they had in fact been moved.

I've searched for "1989 skydome" "1990 skydome" "skydome bullpen" and looked at all the large online ballpark nerdery resources. I haven't hit the reference stacks at the Minneapolis Central library, but that's next. Unfortunately, Stieb's no-hitter was on the road and that's the only 1990 Jays game that would be re-run.
Tags: canada (misc), ~architecture, ~sports (misc)

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