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Charleville, France; French Society attitudes towards homosexuals/divorce in late 1800s

So I really don't know where to go with these 2 questions and googling seems very unhelpful. Any information offered can potentially help heaps!

I'm in the planning stages of writing a story about French symbolist poets Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud and I've already run into several road blocks. Although it's obviously not going to be 100% accurate, I'd like to say that I tried...

+ What was Charleville, France (the town Rimbaud grew up in) like in the 1870s? A substantial portion of my story will take place there and so far, Google isn't giving me anything that's not modern.

Terms searched: Charleville, France. Charleville, France 1870s, Charleville, France Rimbaud.

+ What's the Parisian attitude towards homosexuals/infidelity/divorce during this period? (late 1800s) From French class of eons ago, I know that Verlaine and Rimbaud grew to be hugely unpopular and they had to flee the city. Rimbaud also left his wife when he left Paris with Rimbaud, I know the overall picture that this probably would have caused a scandal, but I'd love specific details if anyone has any.

Terms searched: Homosexuality in French History, Arthur Rimbaud Paul Verlaine, Mathilde Verlaine. 
Tags: 1870-1879, france: history, ~divorce, ~homosexuality: history

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