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Mouth wired shut - the why, the logistics, and first hand experience

My female MC is from present day, Generic Metropolitan Area, USA. A la Alice in Wonderland and Dorthy in Oz, she finds herself in a fantastical crapsack world. However, it's rather important to the plot that her jaw be wired upon arrival.

My google-fu has failed me, largely because wiring jaws is outdated. I can't seem to find satisfactory answers to some specific questions. So, to save myself time and sanity, I decided to turn to you kind folks.

What are some specific, modern-day reasons to still use wire? Even mid-surgery, non-extended use would do. Does anyone here have first hand experience with this sort of thing? Is it possible to remove the wire without the aid of a doctor? How? What is the state of the wire once it is removed? Would removing it yourself cause damage/scarring? Where?

Possibly irrelevant details: The female MC needs her mouth wired shut so that the male MC doesn't have easy access to her tongue. A section of the same wire will later be used again, in a much smaller capacity, to rather viciously pierce the side of someone's mouth. The world female MC is in is a tad dreamlike, so I'm willing to suspend reality to achieve this... but I'd rather not stretch things too much.

Much thanks in advance!
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