Z. Coldwater (zeecoldwater) wrote in little_details,
Z. Coldwater

Germany, Immediately After WW2

Right, this'll be kinda long. Keywords I've googled have been "life in post-war Germany" and "Germany post WW2", but I have not really come up with any good online sources, minus some articles.

Assume this is set in Bavaria, either in Munich itself or in the same general area. While it's alt-history/modern fantasy, to a degree, I would like to have at least some authenticity.

1. What was the food situation like? Did people stand in lines at shops, with their ration cards, or was food shopping done via black market avenues?
2. How much infrastructure remained? How frequent were power and water outages?
3. How did the occupying Allied forces act? I know the atrocities committed by the Red Army, but were US GIs as awful? Were the ordinary citizens under any threat?
4. What happened to the survivors of the camps? I would also love any statistics on how many survivors stayed vs. how many left.
5. What happened to people whose homes had been destroyed by carpet bombing?

Any good photo sources of ordinary life during the late 40s are also welcome, since the work itself is a comic. Any book recommendations are welcome, too.

EDIT: Holy shit, I did not expect so many responses. Everyone's been EXTREMELY helpful, thank you.
Tags: 1940-1949, germany: history, ~world war ii

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