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Stone floors, 1300's construction, Scotland & Orkenys

I hate when I don't even know where to begin looking for information... I've googled "construction" and "architecture" and "Masonry" and "stone floors" and "churches" and "kirks" all in relation to the 1300's and both Scotland/Orkneys. I'm coming up with bupkiss.

So... I need to know, based on this picture of Lady Kirk in SANDAY (NOT the one on Westray) whether stone floors were being built in churches in the 1300s in the Orkneys (not in mainland Scotland, but up in resource-poor Orkneys - and particularly in Sandy Sanday Isle - very little stone here, much of it would have to be shipped in from other islands).

I ask this because while what we see in Lady Village today is mostly remnants from the 1700's restoration (with a bit of the 1600's restoration and some of the 1902 work), there's no floor. I would expect a stone floor to still be standing - and as there's no floor, I'm confused.

Any ideas folks?

Here's the issue: I've a character who would have "left something under the floorstones" - as the most stable portion of most buildings in the medieval era - clearly, in this case, it wouldn't have been. Why? Would there have been no stone floor? Do floor stones commonly get "recovered" and reused in the Orkneys?

Do I need to bug the ranger at Sanday for this info? :>.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Tags: 1300-1399, uk: scotland: history, ~architecture

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