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Swearing (mostly in English and Spanish)

location: near-future New York (with irrelevant magic), research: none, no idea how, it's kind of subjective. I could probably look up a list of phrases, but they won't give me a feel for what's papercut vs broken limb levels of severity and so forth

So. My (roleplaying) character grew up in the rough part of Rochester, then became a street kid in NYC when she was 12. She's 16 now. Parental type influences: bilingual hispanic drug addicted prostitute, birth-4. Slightly prim (and rather paranoid) old lady, 4-12. Washed-out ex-Marine from the farm belt, 12-16. Plus the usual peer-group influences (though not much TV). She probably swears a *lot*.

I know the usual swear words in English (f***, s***, a**hole, etc), but I don't know any in Spanish, and she would. Also, I don't know if there's anything regional that is likely to affect either vocabulary or frequency of certain swear words, as I'm from the other side of the country (AZ). (and, well, I'm the kind of person more inclined to say "what the frell" than "what the f***")
In particular, is there anything especially juicy she might call an overbearing, sexist, self-important d*** that she has to interact with?

Edit: if it matters, Mom is probably Puerto Rican. Also, if you want to throw in your favorite foul language in Italian, Russian, and/or Mandarin, I can potentially make use of it. Nothing obscure in those, though, just what she might pick up on the streets of NYC.
Tags: ~languages: (misc): slang slurs & curses, ~languages: spanish

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