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Time period for complete sex reassignment surgery

 Assuming money is no object, how long would it take a person to transition completely from male to female?

(Note: I'm using the pronouns hir and zie here, since I'm not sure of the proper etiquette when referring to a pre-op transwoman. No offense meant, and feel free to point out terms that might be appropriate.)

I have a character in hir early thirties in present-day LA who is transitioning from male to female. Zie has completed the mandatory six months of counselling and has started hormones; my question is, how long would zie reasonably expect to take with regards to surgery? (For the purposes of my fic, I'm having hir undergo facial feminization, tracheal shaves, breast implants, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and butt augmentation.) 

For reference, zie's tall and broad- 5'11 and built like a linebacker. (Come to think of it, zie actually did play football in college.)

Zie's independently wealthy and very concerned with passing, as zie works in law enforcement. Would it be plausible for hir to take six months off work and have all the surgeries done at one shot rather than spreading them out over a year or two? Ideally, I'd like hir to be able to present as physically feminine as possible in the least amount of time, as it's critical to hir safety to be able to pass, at least outwardly. I have other characters helping with the emotional/cultural stuff; it's the physical changes I'm not sure of.

I have searched several online transition resources, but since all of them have the surgeries spread out for various RL reasons I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

ETA: I've found, to my chagrin, that just because you don't intend on hurting anyone doesn't mean you don't end up doing so anyway. I'm not sure if my post can be edited to change the pronouns, but as it stands, my apologies. I know better now.
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