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Really big pet snake

setting: modern day Nevada (with irrelevant magic) google: "large pet snake", "pet snake (boa OR python)", and variations

My roleplaying character needs a snake. It is established in-game that he's male, and large enough to eat rabbits, but I'm re-doing my character sheet and wanted to add in Frank's actual species.

He needs to be: placid and calm enough to be used as part of a stage magic act (mostly as "look at how badass I am" window dressing), and (as mentioned) large enough to eat rabbits. I'd like him to be as large as practical--ideally, if my 5'1" character drapes him around her neck like a stole, he should nearly reach the ground on both sides. From my searches, he'd pretty much have to be a boa constrictor or some flavor of python, but male boas (which are apparently smaller than females) may not be quite as large as I was hoping for. She likely picked up the snake as a full-grown adult (apparently a lot of people buy a cute baby snake, then ditch it when it gets heyuge), so she'd be able to pick for adult temperament. Visually striking (albino or whatever) would be a nice bonus.

I have minimal personal experience with large snakes, and would appreciate any advice from those who do. Specifically, in my character's situation, what's the largest (male) snake that would be likely to have the right characteristics?
Tags: ~animals: pets

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